News letter

January 10, 2014

TO: Wardens, Officers, Past Masters (P.M.), Grand Lodge Officers and Brothers

SUBJECT: Worshipful Master Acceptance


I am humbled and honored to stand before you as the incoming Worshipful Master of High Desert Lodge #107 for the year 2014. We have a long standing tradition of respected and honorable brothers that have held this position in the past. I will do my best to maintain the dignity, integrity and character as was demonstrated by them and I thank you the Craft for putting your trust in me.

I want to thank both the elected and appointed officers for taking on the duties of their seats. Together as a team we will have a successful year. I thank the outgoing Worshipful Master Donny Jones for his past and future guidance, and for the knowledge that he has instilled in me. I thank other Past Masters and brothers who have given me wise council. I do not have all of the answers and will be coming to other Past Masters and searching the Constitution for guidance. I also want to thank my brother and my friend of more than 45 years for introducing me to Masonry, Brother Guy Williams.

As was stated by past masters, this is not my lodge, this is our lodge and we cannot depend on just a few bothers to make it successful. We all have to work together and take an active role in ensuring its successes for 2014 and beyond. I am so proud of our many young and promising new brothers. With them I would hope to strengthen the stability of this lodge and to attract great young men.

As we journey through 2014, I want to continue the successes that we’ve had in community involvement. We will continue the Each One, Reach One program, stimulate the minds of the youth in the community, show them alternatives and demonstrate to them that they can be successful. We will work with local civic leaders and organizations and bring more recognition to the lodge. We will work with other lodges and together demonstrate the true meaning of brotherly love and masonry.

Finally my brothers, remember we are all human and make mistakes. Also remember that we took an oath at the altar that we would whisper wise council in the ear of a brother. Let us strive to live by these oaths and obligations. This is the only way we can move forward and maintain the legendary status of being one of the best lodges in the state of California.

Brother Michael Yancy
Worshipful Master
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